About Villa Burov

Villa Burov - Deluxe Restaurant in the heart of the Seaside Park

Villa Burov was built  in 1914, designed by French architects, which gives it an unique architecture. It is the summer residence of the esteemed financier, politician and statesman Atanas Burov (1875 - 1954).

Declared for an architectural and historical monument, villa Burov is an unique combination of exciting history, beautiful architecture and cozy interior.

Today, Villa Burov is Restaurant Deluxe, where Chef Dimitrov presents to his guests his own exquisite cuisine.

"I know that the pleasure of a good meal is linked not only to food and wine, but it is also a real emotional experience!"

The designer projects in the furnishing of the four main halls, each of which with 30 seats,  the Luis XIV ornaments, the enormous crystal chandeliers and the combination of colors in silver, beige and gold, all contribute for the romantic atmosphere.

The two terraces of the restaurant unravel a wide sea panorama to the Varna Bay and the infinite skyline.

Private activities